Our Work

Sea Quest boats haul in their catch using the long line method of fishing. Our fishing is very selective with about 98% of what we catch being marketable in terms of species and size.

Our cold store room is built to cater for the demands and capacity of the market


Sea Quest’s A- Premium products including sashimi are exported to the Japanese market, which is the most discerning market.

In December Sea Quest (Fiji) Limited along with the FTBOA (Fiji Tuna Boat Owners Association) were accredited with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council Certification). This means that albacore is now eligible to be marketed with the MSC’s globally recognised eco label providing consumers with assurance that the product originates from a certified sustainable source. The certification will create opportunities to develop new markets where demand for certified sustainable seafood is high.

Our consistent delivery to market of the freshest quality has been met with great enthusiasm from the United States buyers as well and they are loyal to our products no matter what the market conditions are.